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In my opinion, this movie is one of the worst film of the year.
Hello Tom, I did posted my HFCR file on the forum and asked for guidance for improve the calibration of the Sharp Z12K using your guide but did not received any answer. The attached file was done after many frusfrated hours for trying to achieve a reasonable results of Gamma 2.2. My projector always ran out of blue at the high end of grey scale. After reduced contrast and brightness, the result was better but blue gains has to increased almost to the max (+28). Please...
I tried to calibrate my Sharp Z12K front projector followed Tom's guidance. Please take a look at the attached file and let me know what I should do to improve the Gamma from 2.01 to 2.2. Thanks,  
I have a first generation Z12K connected to PS3. Output from PS3 went to a Pioneer Receiver utilized a HDMI-HDMI cable. Receiver out connected to the Z12K via a HDMI-DVI cable. I believed that that there is a bug in the Z12K and some member from the forum recommended that I will have a slightly better picture if setting the unit as follow: PS3: Select Video Output to RGB and select RGB Full Range Z12K: Setting Input 5 to "D. Video RGB" Please let me know if this...
Sorry Tom. Attached is the correct file. Contrast setting at 0 and Brightness at +1. Advises are greatly appreciated. Regards,  
I just completed calibrated the Sharp Z12K with a PS3 and HD709 test pattern based on Tom's CMS guidance. I am able to achieve only a Gamma of 1.97 avg. Grey scale measure look good. I have a very nice PQ but little bit dark. Please let me know what I should do to achieve recommended Gamma of 2.2 Attached is the file. Many thanks,  
Spoke to a Pioneer Technical person. He stronly suggested I do not used bitstream for DTS HD MA. PCM only. He told me that other Pioneer Elite models VSX-91/92/94 TXV should have no problem if selected bitstream. He also told me that upgrading the VSX-81TXV firmware would not fixed this particular problem due to DTS chip issue. Changed to PCM and no problem at all. By the way, I found out that the right channel oputput from my Rotel Home Theater 5 channnel amp to my...
Just watched it last night. I love Alien but considered this movie was one of the worst and most stupid movie of all times. Even my teenage son could not stand it.
I have not upgrade to the latest firmware for LFE fix. Please let me if I have to bring the unit to an authorize dealer for this or the unit can be upgrade via CD. Thanks
I posted this in another thread in this forum: Downloaded Firmware 2.3 last night. Put in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", suddenly an extreme loud sound liked a Shotgun went off. This happened before the movie started and during blank screen. Same thing again when I played recent released BR "Predator". My AVR is Pioneer VSX-81TXV. Just found out that my situation is not unique since there is another thread in this forum. Please let me know if PS3 owner...
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