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I was once discussing this concept with an audiophile and his comment was 'what if I wanted to change the amps?'. Some people have no idea at all.
Bring in a car engine on a stand and start to rebuild it in the living room. "Sorry honey, you wouldn't let me have the subs, so I decided to get a new hobby".
Nice work. Some years ago I was commissioned by a guy I sold a guitar to, to build him a combo amp to match the vintage furniture in his living room. A friend did the wood work in walnut and it was similar looking to yours, but more antiquey (no idea what to call the style) and I built the tube head and supplied the EVM12L. His wife loved it and he said it was the first time in years she hadn't complained about him playing guitar in the living room. It was how he 'unwound'...
Disguising speakers to look like furniture has been done many times before. All you need to do is ensure the internal volume of the new enclosure is the same, as are the port dimensions. One other point is if it has a built in amp, make sure it gets enough ventilation. There is no need to wrap the original enclosure in another box.
It probably won't make an audible difference, but I would kick up a fuss on principle: it's not what you specified or paid for.
The drivers on the XS30 are push-push, not push-pull.
Correct. If one of the drivers was reversed (magnet out) and polarity reversed on it, then there is some potential to reduce even order harmonics. That's not a given though, as it depends on the transfer function of the driver.
I see.
^^ That's how I read it too.
The only reference to baffle bounce I could find (I've never heard the term before) was in some Newform marketing gibberish. Could you please provide an engineering reference as your own description I quoted is describing diffraction.
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