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I was not fussy about drilling the holes either. There have been cases where the Speaker has toppled out of these Brackets.Here in Earthquake County and with the angle I needed I decided to fasten it securely to the bottom plate as recommended by the Manufacturer,I am biased but I have always felt these are the best on the market.
Thanks for the question and I have updated my ebay ad.They are Pinpont AM40 which you can see at Crutchfield.Have always been fond of these for the small speakers once you get them set.
Have listed a pair of Black Oak RC-10's with Wall Brackets on ebay today. Have also listed a High Gloss Black RC Mini. Seller name on ebay is mononut http://www.ebay.com/itm/Energy-Speakers-RC-Mini-Center-Speaker-High-Gloss-Black-/300866730775?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item460d0dfb17
I heard from OPPO last week most of their repairs are due to botched Region Free installations. Find it very unlikely they we will be upset about it
Found JazzGuyy's previous Post and came racing home to reinstall the Mod again. Tried everything and it still does not work. Looks like I will have to call the Card Company if bluraychip.dk does not respond and then it be off to ebay. This machine is too nice not to have it Region Free.
Has anyone received a Region Free mod from bluraychip.dk that did not work? I just received mine and it does not work. I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday double checking everything to no avail. Tried the Remote also but nothing. Bought the 93 and the Mod from bluraychip.dk, received it quickly, and it worked flawlessly. Bought the 83 and the Mod took Weeks to get here in comparison to the 93 Mod. I e-mailed them as to why it was taking so long and I received...
OPPO Service = Are You Kidding Me I just received my 83 back after a 1 Day Turnaround. They changed the Front Panel due to a mark that I could not remove, Tray Door due to a scuff on the front bezel, Top Cover, Cleaned it, Upgraded the Firmware, New Bag, and a more flexible Power Cord for $79.00. OPPO has a new Customer for life.
Larry, I just received my 93 last week and completed the " Boardwalk Empire " series on it. Can you tell me which Disc you noticed problems with and I would be happy to try it on mine.
I was also surpised that mine was not double boxed. Shipping labels were slapped on the bottom of all places but like you I looked for the non-scratch film on the front. Black internal box and all Accessories looked New. Was not disappointed at all with Amazon just a bit surprised. If you feel it was Used then I would be calling Amazon ASAP.
I just received a 93 from Amazon last Saturday and it had the 57 Firmware on it if I remember correctly. I installed the Official 61 Firmware from the Oppo site. Amazon just recently ran out of the 93's recently and must have received a new batch. Mine came from the Tacoma, WA area.
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