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I hope you left ****** feedback. Because for all he knew, you were buying it for the cabinet and not the remote.
Same here. I wouldn't put it past Toshiba to slide us another firmware update someday as a final 'thank you', but if 4.0 is the last I'm more than satisfied. What I'm hoping for now is a third-party movement to develop firmwares for these players that allow region unlocking, PAL playback, some way to use the USB ports on the player, possible DivX playback... etc. The hardware in these machines is just as capable as you'll find in any uber-versatile DVD player or Blu...
LOL! Now that's a good one.
Where'd you get that from? The US market is the only reason HD DVD survived for as long as it did.
I'm under the impression that, from a hardware standpoint, there is practically nothing differentiating the A3 from the A30 aside from 1080p capability. Am I wrong? If I'm not, I was wondering if anybody has tried applying an A30 update to an A3 and seeing what happens? I'm already pretty sure 1080p ability can't be unlocked by something as simple as installing a more upscale firmware, but I figured I'd ask to be 100% certain. Sorry if this seems like a silly question,...
Did you unzip the file first?
Did this happen after a firmware update? Regardless, I'd try getting the machine to recognize a firmware disk and then let it update to whatever version is on the disc, whether or not you've already updated to it before. If it wont recognize a firmware disc, me thinks the player is bricked.
You bought an XA2 but have only picked up 15 HD DVDs? Why?
My two Venturers from Woot arrived today. Having originally owned an A3, I wasn't expecting much from the quality of the 7000. But for some reason, it seems more rigidly built than the A3. It's probably just the different front panel. The plastic seems heavier and the matte finish gives it a more solid feel than the A3's front panel, which popped almost completely off when I was sliding it into my stack of theater equipment. One thing I am wondering; Is there...
You're telling me... I unloaded my BD-UP5000 Blu/HD player since I bought a total of one Blu-ray title in the three months that I owned it. And I got sick of the player's issues with many titles. So until my 7000s arrive, I've had to bring my 2002~ Samsung DVD player out of mothballs. I'm one of those people who constantly warns people about buying into the upscaling DVD player hype, since most TVs have better upscalers than most DVD players. But DVD playback technology...
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