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...and I probably should have included an Other option. But can't figure out how to add it now.
For me, it's the DTS re-encoding. A brilliant option that's probably gonna save me from having to buy a new receiver for a while longer. An honorable mention to the minimalist AV options on the rear; there's no reason any high-def player needs to have S-Video, composite or stereo audio. Kudos to LG for realizing this well ahead of the curve.
Weird. Thanks for checking. I messed around with it a bit after finishing the movie. I turned off Re-encode to DTS and while it still skipped a little for around 10 minutes, the skips weren't anywhere near as big. And yeah, the disc is perfect.
I'm having problems with Hot Fuzz on my BH200. After about 58mins in, the playback 'skips' repeatedly. I'm only 1:04 into it now and it's done it many times.
What I'm wondering about the 4:3 issue is if anybody has had a look at the firmware? This seems to me something that's controlled entirely by software, and thus should be rectifiable through a firmware 'alteration'. Has anybody attempted this? (And I've tried having my TV 'smush' the image back to 4:3. No go)
Does anybody know if LG is working on the 4:3 SD DVD stretching 'feature' for the next firmware update? Because it's killing me. I have nearly 150 4:3 DVDs that I can't watch on this thing now.
Where are you guys seeing this in the ad?
Why are you referring to something coming next month in past tense?
New Posts  All Forums: