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BDP-S300 Deathly slow content loading No DTS-HD/MA No TrueHD Incredibly slow tray ejection from Off Not 1.1, and released at the last minute before 1.1 became mandatory (Classy, Sony...)
BDP-S300... It looks slick. The blue light on the front appeals to my inner child. The remote is perfect. It's well built. It's quiet. The on-screen menu system is pretty. It's built by Pioneer. Picture quality is great.
Hey guys, I've got a question regarding how to get the best audio from a TrueHD track; My receiver only supports standard DTS 96/24 and Dolby Pro Logic II. So if I'm listening to a disc with TrueHD, like Starship Troopers, do I want to set the player to output Dolby Digital or PCM? Same question in regard to DTS HD tracks. Thanks guys.
Hahaha. Your English is better than that of many Americans. No need to apologize.
...you are a God.
Hehe. Glad to know it's not just my players. Thanks.
Didn't help. And both of my 5Ks do it.
I'm assuming I'm not alone here; Why are the menus on Universal HD DVDs so unresponsive on this player? On my HD-A20, the menus were fluid and very quick to browse through. On the 5K, I'm reminded of how Windows 95 felt during a memory leak. Is this something a firmware update could/will fix?
My primary player is now my Samsung BD-UP5000. But my original and now backup is my A20, which I will probably never get rid of since I think it is one of the coolest looking pieces of tech I have ever seen.
Nope.Thanks. I'll dig around over there.
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