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YesMy problem is getting it to show up as pending. I had the cashback reflected during checkout, reflected on my invoice, and even received the cashback qualification e-mail from eBay immediately after completing payment. But more than two weeks later and it's still not showing as pending. And Live's support blows.
The $20 CAD coupon is only good when buying directly from their website, not on eBay. They'll tell you as much themselves.And I'd avoid the Live Search promotion. I did it, also for a 5000, and not only has it not shown up yet, but Microsoft Support has no idea what's going on and from what they've told me it sounds like eBay is going to deem many purchases as not 'meeting requirements' for the discount.
Could somebody post a picture or two of what the on-screen menu system of this machine(s) looks like? Perhaps a silly concern. But if I'm buying a high-def machine, the software it sports had better look it.
I'm new to the Blu game as well (1.0 here), and the whole Profile fiasco is one of the reasons I wanted this format to lose... Anyways, from what I gather, other than online connectivity there really isn't anything distinguishing Profile 2.0 from 1.1. And even Profile 1.0 should continue to be 90% useful indefinitely. Just depends on what you want. I've yet to find a reason to want my home theater equipment connected to the internet. This link is pretty useful;...
$100? Do you honestly think the S300 is only worth $100 now that the S350 is out?
Also, I'm considering dumping my Sony S300 for one of these in order to gain HD audio, Profile 1.1 and hopefully better load times. What does the on-screen menu system of these players look like? Pics would be awesome. Thanks.
Hmm... Just noticed that there's two Sylvania models and they look very different. http://www.amazon.com/Sylvania-NB500...042303&sr=1-11 And for comparison... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...-016-_-Product Wonder what the differences are?
Yeah, yeah, BD isn't Sony's. Whatever. If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you. Of course BD is Sony's. I don't care how many names Sony has managed to attach to this mythical 'BDA' and it doesn't matter. Sony has, from the beginning, been the main proponent of the format and has pushed it harder than any other company. Sony's turnaround in the consumer space was and still is dependent on the success of Blu, and they've admitted as much themselves...
Hell, my brand new Pioneer 410 offers a Pan & Scan option.
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