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Hi All, my pj is starting to have this purple right edge....is it an easy fix?
played Super 8 this weekend....all i can say is WOW. The train crash scene maxed out the dcx2496 for my mains at my usual listening level
maybe not 1000fps ...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl439GAJFxU
omnimic is easy as ABC to use
the T8s were upgraded to the emerald physics cs2.0 l/r+ jtr T12 center.
I would buy both and try it out. Place it the way you want it in your home, eq them, move them around...keep the one you think sounds better. Btw check return policy first! Keep us posted about the findings if you do. Good luck.
i'll crank it up higher sunday afternoon and we'll find out Mains = Emerald physics CS2.3http://www.emeraldphysics.com/page9/page9.html
AJ, hmm....didnt know there is a level and gain matching... let me describe what i did with the subs: i know the target dB to reach for all 4 subs combined is 75dB before audyssey calibration and each sub add a +2.5dB increment. adjusting the output of each sub from LP: starting with just sub#1 turned on and using the tone from the 5508, turn the volume knob at the back of the uls15 till the avp microphone reads 67.5dB. turn off sub #1 and turning on sub#2, same thing,...
the omnimic is a breeze to use! made the graph within minutes. prolly will use it to "sniff" around the room, map out some areas a foot or 2 behind the lp that is extremely neaseating during heavy bass scenes...then i dont know, join the rest of the pile of gadgets in the storeroom until the next measurement time...
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