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Thanks guys!!
Thanks for the quick replies. I am really liking this TV and got an awesome deal...we will just say that . Could anyone point me to a thread or explain the differences in the motion flow settings? I would greatly appreciate it. Also are there any "defacto" calibrations on this thread, I looked but found several and couldn't tell if anyone was using a specific one or not. Thanks again guys.
Hi all, excellent information in this thread and I am a new owner of a 55NX810. I do have a quick question if someone is willing to take a moment to answer it. I have 3 devices hooked up through HDMI. Now when I switch inputs, it shows all the devices as being connected even though the devices might not be on. Any previous sets I had, the devices didn't show up as connected until turned on. Is this just how the set works or something I am missing. For example: I...
You should read a manual...you can turn off this feature.
I will try this later today.
What are you trying to do again? Also we should make a dedicated EX620 series owners thread....may not be many owners yet though as the set just came out not too long ago.
I also have recently purchased a 55EX620. Love the TV so far with no issues, just a slight bit of clouding; however it isn't noticeable unless on a no source black screen. I am using CNETs calibration settings for the EX720 as I believe the sets are identical with the exception of 3D.
I don't have any, I am currently using CNET's calibration settings for the 46EX720. I believe the sets are identical with the exception of 3D.
I agree...I have the Sony 55EX620 and love it.
Not sure, I am able to hook up my Xbox, PS3, and DVR via HDMI without any issues.
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