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Hi All, Interesting interview with a Panasonic guy about OLED amongst other things: http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/oled-tvs-still-just-not-there-says-panasonic Bazzy!
Hi,I read an article which interviewed a Senior Panasonic Executive & speaking on behalf of Panasonic apparently, he stated that they advise not to buy into any current new formats whether 4K LCD or OLED until the industry finds consensus on standards.He also stated that they feel 2K OLED has no future & they are focusing mainly on 4K OLED. Also made mention that there are still some challenges to overcome with OLED which needs to be addressed before they feel confident to...
Hi,That's only £187 - You got an absolute bargain matey - congrats!Bazzy!
Hi All, Below is a link to a review of the SB2000 from a Germa website - areadvd.de - they seemed to like it! http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.areadvd.de/tests/test-aktiver-subwoofer-svs-sb-2000/&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsvs%2Bsb%2B2000%26num%3D100%26nord%3D1%26site%3Dwebhp Bazzy!
Hi,It is critical to get a sub that matches the Min21's (or most small satellite speakers) well otherwise there will just likely be a big gap between the sats & the sub. You need a sub that goes up to at least 150Hz if not higher for a seamless blend between the two. As you are in Europe, I would very strongly suggest something from SVS or XTZ - they both go high enough whilst offering outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. When paired with & set up properly...
Hi,Plenty of choices! SVS SB1000/PB1000 or SB2000/PB2000 would be excellent and great bang for the buck! I think you can do better than the Aero Sub - I had the Minx X500 sub & I think the Aero Sub is inferior!Bazzy!
Hi,Well for starters & as Jeff and many others have said, I would not get any of the factory supplied subs that come with the packages you mentioned. If you have a decent Paradigm sub, then it maybe best to keep it and put the extra savings made towards either better or more satellites. Just make sure it can go high enough - I am not sure as it is so difficult to get any definitive answers from Paradigm but I believe their subs may go up to 150Hz which is desirable.Dues to...
Hi,As a Minx Owner & having listened to all of your choices, I have to agree with Jeff fully - The Apex are really excellent speakers & were my first choice had size not been a factor!Bazzy!
Hi!No Football (Soccer!), No F1, No Cricket, No Rugby - need I go on? Do you Yanks actually play any real or proper sports anyway?!!! Bazzy!
Hi, Going by your screen name & avatar, any chance you are based in Wales? If so, why not wait while & go to the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol next month where hopefully you can get to hear the CM10's & possibly the Goldenears? Also, consider the new Focal Aria Range - have heard that they really do shine! Bazzy!
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