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Code:There are 3 seals. One bottom left power input, bottom right SD card, left side above power button headphone jack.
About as long as a 10-15hz tone takes to generate....so long enough.
I posted link on previous page. 230v 16amps 115v 30amps If worried about plug just match it up to outlet.
Right on!
Thanks FOH. So could voltage drop over extended periods harm the device/amp?
Yea but it will cross his klipsch speakers really high like over 300hz most likely just by guessing so they will not perform as intended is all.
240v should only be 20amp outlet. I use the twist generator plugs with 220v. Scroll down to Power and see 230v 16amps. 115v 30amps http://labgruppen.com/media/downloads/product/FPplus-Series_Technical_Data_Sheet_TDS-FP14000_V4.pdf
Congrats. They just grow up too fast though! Soak it all up while you can.
It was meant as a joke Mark. I completely understood and I'd buy from someone like him for a few dollars more over ebay any day of the week!!! I even stated it on previous page. That's why I responded since I mentioned I'd be one of those.....
Glad to know you're the man to seek when in need of wasting money Ben. Very gracious of you I must say 😉
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