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Yea nice chairs you have there....😜
+1 Scott One of the biggest advocates turns rogue....
Yea its pretty much a must considering how much resale will go down without it. And that's just one aspect....a $25k 4K pj that won't accept 4K is rather discouraging.
Yea that's us. Wonder if he misspoke and meant he was staying the night in Nashville area since is going to be here early Friday morning. But he did indeed say was installing Thursday in Nashville area then coming here (Murray) on way back to St Louis.Memphis area makes his trip even longer than what I originally realized. That's a haul for two installs.
Figured it was you, actually! Lol. Yours arrived or shipped?
Got email from UPS yesterday for upgrade delivery and phone call this morning to set up install next Friday. Tech will be traveling from St. Louis to Nashville then on way back to St. Louis will install mine. That's a lot of driving/time for 2 upgrades!
So is that all of us or just part of the list and still needing more to fulfill orders?
Oh, I thought these were bigger than this... Are they 10's? I thought they were 12s for some reason. A 12 or 15 version would most def be an upgrade for a lot of retail options and that's why I thought that's what these were.
Fat, sorry but I must have missed it in the thread but, "Are you happy with their performance and looks?" 😏
Sounds like he's trying to kill a FTW. Run either the fp10k or 14 at 4 ohm/ch with 6 cuft and will have ample power as long as you have a dedicated outlet. No need in bridging either scenario.
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