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My first pj didnt hold set screen dimensions randomly and it also lost focus when changing aspect ratios from time to time. I don't recall reading anyone else noticing the focus issues along with the aspect issues. May want to hit the focus option and look close.
As others have stated. No. You will spend half of that $100 on construction materials alone, wood, screws/nails, glue, clamps, etc.... Then still will need drivers and amp so not really a $100-200 DIY sub bang for buck build. Although at the $200 mark you'd be getting really close to a few great options with the affordable 18s on the market. Small $100 subs can be a huge let down as well. That's smaller than most desktop speaker 2.1 setups. I have a small paradigm cube...
Yea I remembered telling you but didnt recall how far you could see them. It seemed as if I could see them a lot further than many reviewers.Do you recall how far you could notice them?
I also should have been more clear about the needed gain. For 2D around 1 would "work" with high lamp mode for good while but 3D wouldn't be near as bright as my 150 Stewart.Aren't their some woven screens that are higher than the .79?I was a little disappointed with my Stewart screen for the costs but really no other options when want some screen gain. Or there wasn't when I was in market for one that I knew about.
Glad I could help 😉
I would but I'd lose the gain I have with the Stewart. My screen is 13' wide so need all the gain I can get even with the Sony 1000.
I completely agree but would like to eliminate as much as possible. The screen frame shaking the entire screen is what's going on now in my room. The AT material on Stewart's frames seems to be stretched plenty tight but with air directly hitting I assume it would move even more. BUT would it move in a different manner (like back and forth) that would make it less obvious during viewing or more obvious? I have no idea!It will most likely just end up being a compromise that...
Congrats! I'm sure the pics don't do it justice even tho they are extremely intimidating.
Oh. A graph was posted while I was catching up/posting. Looks like you will only need a few touches of eq and you will be set. The dips are very different now with the two vertical speakers added into the mix. Is that graph of just left and right?
Nice Fat! Glad your impressions are so satisfying is the best though!
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