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Kool. So everyone should have a working number. Might want to shoot him an email then.
Yep. That's how I see it as well.I wonder if I did find the mirrored place to work similar to the tests if the size of the manifold would make much difference. Like if ran four in a square verses having the manifold 2 drivers long but opposed to each other?In other words, I wonder how constrained of the space would affect the results. Once more drivers are added and the point source so to speak gets larger. I understand subs aren't point source drivers but the interactions...
Yea but did it actually track the package? Mine was dhl as well but I didnt know when it was scheduled to arrive.
It just seems like the problems are all over the place with only a few that had the exact same issues. Would be hard to claim they have fixed problems with such a scenario IMO. If I were Johnson I'd want them actually tested before being boxed up as he can't be making that much money by selling single units which end up taking up a lot of his time trouble shooting, sending parts, relaying messages back and forth with engineers, etc.... There has to be a completely...
Mine just showed up like 4-5 days after ordered. Think I had reciept but not really a tracking type.
I have some av123 mfw 15s that could try this with but the ceiling has soffits and the floor has three levels so.....? How well would this work? I'm sure it would be better than nothing but truly wonder if the results would be optimal?
Yea I've kept up with your room but my screen will move now with the subs firing under it so can't imagine how it wouldn't move with them directly behind it. That might just have to be a compromise though. Keeping the pj stationary was also a feat that somehow worked out with the help of the framer's experience.
Yea I've thought about a bda and ported.I don't know that there is enough room to place multiples on the back wall since the space is only 60-70cuft per space. I have a column at both 1/4points on rear wall that house rear surrounds so the spaces would be between each column and to their sides.I would love to go ported and pick up crazy amounts down where I'm having issues but afraid that wont really be possible since the 21s would require too much space to fit them...
Thank youWow. Yeah that is deffinately useful and would like to hear others' views about the attic situations.
Sorry Monkeys, but I've gotta say it!I call BS on their "new" Quality Control fixes that Johnson claimed.Now the question is if its still more of a problem with the 10k. Only time will tell I guess.
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