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What is the latest Firmware for this TV. Running 1013 now.? Thanks
I have used popcorn hour a-110 and WD live and now have WD live hub. The WD Hub has HDMI actually. I have a 3tb Gb ext hd connected to it without issues. Works well through network as well. Just check their forums for firmware updates as they can be buggy. The Hub has been my favorite so far. JMO but its easy to set up and has been running great here.
Is it just me or are the forums down on klipsch.com? I can't get into the page?
All your missing now is room to put a chair to sit in!!....lol
I've had my HD65 about 3 yrs and just bought new bulb. I had a friend come over and I put on a 9Gb Blu Ray rip and he thought I up graded to a 1080p projector. It has served me well and I decided to get new bulb and a 106' Da lite HP screen instead of moving up to 1080p and saved a few bucks and couldn't be happier.
Sitting 11 ft away from Dalite 106 HP screen with a HD65 and Loving it !!...what a difference going from 92' .8 gain grey Draper
http://www.provantage.com/draper-acc...4~AASCR00E.htm try this link from another thread
I can't seem to find a link to buy a Da-lite 106 model b HP screen. Is it possible for someone to post a link or to PM one? Great thread and very simple to identify needs for novices like myself. Thanks in advance.
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