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bestbuy is offering the 2 pair of free glasses also. i bought my tv on the 4th of april and went back today and they gave me the deal no problem with the 30 day price match
does it buzz?
are they bug zappers too?
samsung ecr just issued refund for my bug zapper . They tried to give replace with differnt model but this one had two panels and power supply and y board replace already and from what i've read its a crapshoot with these so now i will be on the hunt for a new one.Buzzing isnt normal a slight hum is normal not a directional assault from the center of your tv
i have been battling samsung 59 d550 since i mounted this tv. been repaired 3 time- power supply and two panels- they have finally agreed to replace or refund .most likely a refund because chances of getting a non-buzzer is a crapshoot
they have serviced mine 3 times so far next its replacement so you gotta be vigil i guess
If your Plasma TV makes a buzzing sound when it is turned on, this is normal. It's caused by the electrical charges that are used to power the pixels that create the images on the screen. The buzzing, however, should not be so loud that you can hear it when the volume on the TV is set at normal levels. If your Plasma TV is buzzing loudly, follow these steps: Set the volume of the TV to the setting you normally use. Stand 10-15 feet away. Perform a sound test...
i had a tech out a couple days ago replaced power supply and y board said he couldnt hear it but his sinuses were bothering him and he tells me if i still hear it its not going away so maybe try hanging some burlap behind it to dampen it lol.so i get back with samsung and they say if at 11 feet away and volume at 15 is the rule who the hell blasts their tv at 15 at night watching a movie.
what you are seeing during hockey and live concerts are not brightness pops those are actual camera flashes from the crowd and photographers. you need to look at letterbox frame where the black bars go from black to almost gray or a dark scene that does the same. hockey games are the same on a 3 year old panny and my new samsung those are flash bulbs reflecting off the ice and surrounding glass.
you are wrong my friend the d550 are 3d for 2011
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