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Oh, boy, here we go Eric
WSPA-7 has also been promoting "The Andy Griffith" show on for its sister station WYCW. Can't believe TylerSC missed this!
Asheville was the former COL of WHNS - until sometime in the 90s, I think. Greenville is now its COL. It's seems rare that TV stations change their COL (or are even permitted to), but I suppose since WLOS, WUNF, and WYCW are all full-power TV stations licensed to Asheville the FCC didn't see it as "loss of service".Bob or Ted - feel free to elaborate or correct my thinking on this.Eric
My 17-year-old son does NOT like WJZY's 10pm news - like ANY individual's tastes, one person doesn't represent the entire demographic, but he and I were both equally complaining about their newscast. I thought it would at least have SOME resemblance to Atlanta's Fox 5 - NOT. We sampled it the first night and switched back to WCCB during the middle of WJZY's weather segment. Regarding WCCB, I would like to see some of the red "scrubbed" from the graphics because it still...
Is it not possible for the sales staff at TV stations to get out and "pound the pavement" a little harder to make up for revenue shortfalls instead of balancing station budgets on the backs of pay-tv customers? I really don't understand why the loss of eyeballs - i.e., when a station goes dark on a pay-tv service due to these seemingly endless carriage disputes - is not deterrent enough for stations to keep their stations from going dark on pay-tv. Sorry guys (station...
Hmmm...wonder how many customers will defect to DirecTV or DISH? I'm certainly glad to be a DISH customer. Cable customers - in general - have been accustomed to having multiple "cable-ready" TV sets connected and only pay one price. Now, with extra receiver fees, Charter no longer has that competitive advantage. So, I can see customers saying that if I've got to pay for extra receivers, might as well shop around to DirecTV or DISH where they've always paid for extra...
I think the local news ratings are affected by a station's network affiliation - look at how ABC News fared in the ratings and that translates to high ratings for WSOC. And, look at how NBC news fared - NBC's news plus its poor programming (IMHO) has an affect on WCNC, and other NBC affiliates. And don't get me started on NBC's boneheaded move regarding Jay Leno.Eric
What's interesting about this "significantly viewed" discussion is Cherokee County is in the Charlotte EAS Local Area - so any EAS activations for Cherokee County are going to come from the Charlotte TV (and radio) stations. I only thought about this because I recently saw a RWT (Required Weekly Test) on WCNC and Cherokee was one of the counties on the EAS crawl.Eric
Yep, I sent an email to two different addresses on WGGS's website asking about their guide data - it's been a week and no replies. Hasn't the guide data been missing for 3-4 months now?Eric
I would like to see WCCB do a 6:30 weekday evening newscast - they'd have that all to themselves. Or else do one at 7pm.
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