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Hey dad1153! I know this is off topic but just a quick reminder, you could always replace the speakers and / or the speaker wire - so long as the speaker wire is NOT too thick.  Okay, back on topic...  
I was hoping this game would have been released by March-April latest.  Now I guess I will hold off getting a PS4 until some other next gen game is released for it.   I haven't REALLY been interested in anything else released thus far.  Oh well...
Aww man, am I afraid to remove that plastic!   How did yours turn out?
Located at the bottom of the AVS forum page:  https://clevelandplasma.com/ Before I purchased my 65VT60 I researched prices with them for this and the Sammy F8500.
Has anybody checked with Cleveland Plasma for a VT60?  They might have them in stock. 
At this point in their scarcity, although it is not what anyone wants to do, it's either go for a "used, good/very good" or pay exorbitant prices from either Moe's AV, Walt's, Crawford's or Zifto Trading.   I know it's a roll of the dice either way.  What poison would you prefer?    Look at it this way - at least there is an opportunity to snag one before they're all gone.
Replace them with whatever Panasonic (or other manufacturers) have available for 2014 sans Plasma. 
My theory is that stores need to make space for 2014 models. Why would they want to replenish 2013 models in 2014?   What better way than to discontinue carrying 2013 models?  Just makes sense. 
Ah!  Yes, you are in a conundrum.  Do you buy a set that is battle tested now sacrificing size OR, gamble on a future set that may OR may not be as good in the picture quality dept. with the display size/resolution you require? I would not like to be in that position, but there are worse positions to be in I guess. Good Luck!
Check my first few posts in this thread.  I have an Amazon Warehouse Deal 65VT60 and so far so good.  Depending on the used condition you purchase, you'd have to be picky about what you're willing to except as far as the condition is concerned.  I bought one in pristine condition (actually looked brand new to me) with all items present in pristine condition.  Fine tooth comb the TV on arrival and decide on what is acceptable "used" condition.
New Posts  All Forums: