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I have checked all my local best buys. They are gone!! I have one store called video only in my area left to check. Yarrgh.
So my samsung plasma has developed horizontal black lines. It has been happening over the last year. However, I figured I would wait until super bowl time to pick up a new plasma. My Samsung is only 6 years old this year.. pretty pissed about it dying so early. The repair shop said it wasn't worth buying. Well I always regretted not picking up a panasonic.. so I went shopping for a shiny new panny. They are all gone! So then I looked up and found Panasonic was...
Put one on the power cord near the tv and save the other for any other video cord (I.e. HDMI) that doesn't have one. They reduce interferenc.
I have a black line across my TV. I called a repair center as it is only 5 years old and he said, don't bother go buy a new one. Then he said, but stay away from Samsung.. we do more Samsung repairs then anything else and their plasmas don't seem to last much beyond warranty.. your lucky to have made 5 years. So.. this is from a guy who could have gotten lots of money to repair my set, but advised me not to repair.
Whatever you do get the extra 3 years warranty from Costco. Having been a Samsung owner in the past (and currently) trust me.. You'll need it.
You must have forgotten, because I currently own a pn50A450 and I get lots of line bleed and I have owned this set for 5 years.http://www.tweakguides.com/HDTV_10.html " Line bleed is an inherent part of plasma technology and is not considered a fault unless severe."
Try rubbing Alcohol, or Dawn. Just don't get it on the screen.
Repair vs Owner rates so far are 50% for LG 35.3% for Panasonic 37.5% for Samsung
So far this only shows more people own panasonics.
I have read the consumer reports numbers, but was curious to do my own informal poll. I currently own a Samsung that has been repaired once and now out of warranty needs to be repaired again (though I won't do it). If your plasma is defective and out of warranty please check needed to be repaired even if you have NO intention of repairing it. If own multiple plasmas you can check multiple boxes. I am curious about how Plasmas have held up in general and which brand...
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