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So did I.
That's why with all of its flaws, American Idol is still the best. AI can still make you a star.
I totally agree, but on The Voice the panel is called "coaches" while on American Idol they are "judges." Still, you would expect some negativity somewhere.Thankfully, for Kristen, it didn't seem to hurt her. I was actually glad she was the first on Shakira's team to be saved so it kept her stress level to a minimum.
Yes, I was apologizing to moderator Mike Lang in advance (5 posts up) since he was the one who said we should stick to the TV show rather than bashing each other.
Red is my favorite color.
I did.
Sorry Mike Lang, I just have to say this then I'll shut up: Those of us who are long-time posters on AVS know that there are certain folks whose integrity we never have to question. mgkdragn is at the top of this list. If he says he doesn't post spoilers, that should be the final word on the subject.
It's "amazing" that the teams you loved to hate in the past aren't all that bad this time around, especially Brenchel and the Afghanimals.
Robert Morse plays Bertram Cooper.
He was a real scumbag in the 1995 movie, Circle of Friends.
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