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Well Crap, got another bass sound violation ticket. Apparently I had broken some dishes in one (or more) of the other houses around me. I need about another $600,000 to truly move to the middle of nowhere, not just the outter-burbs... but like... the south pole!!!
I installed some LED lighting for the first time. Here are the pro's and con's: 1) My subs kept blowing up the halogens (because they are a filament). Pro for the LED having no weak parts. 2) The Halogens are 300watts per row vs 30watts. Pro for the LED. 3) The Halogens run crazy hot, which doesn't help in the summer time. Pro for the LED. 4) I can run double the number of LED's and get 1.7x more light output and still be 1/5th the power bill.. Pro for the LED. 5) The...
I applied for a related job at the local university. Fingers crossed!!! My commute is 20mins, not bad! Pay is 25% less than I was making before. Need to upgrade my theater at a rate faster than zero percent... cause that just won't do!
Severance pay is a beautiful thing.My living expenses are reasonably low so my severance can sustain me for 5 months without me lifting a single finger.Just being a broke lazy bum until then.I feel like a teacher who is on a multi-month long vacation.(First world problems.)
17hz to 30hz
It took 17 4x8 sheets to make all my speakers and subs, so those numbers are not unheard of... and my stuff is all "small" sealed boxes too, so it's not even all that voluminous like that. Came to be about $1200 worth of wood all said and done.
Correct, its not sharing channels; it's separate channels, across a number of amps.
LMS China Clone
Ah SoundSplinter 18, yes another good option.
Sundown 18, or RE XX or XXX would be a good substitute. Fi Or Si on the cheap-end. Does anyone have their UM-18's yet (care to measure them?)
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