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I have the same issue and it is definitely specific to my stb. I've had my U50 since June 14th and it's happened probably 8 - 10 times. It's completely random with no rhyme or reason as to when it will happen. I have a Motorola DCT6416iii dual tuner dvr/stb from Comcast and a PS3 both hooked up via HDMI but it was only happening with my stb. I tried switching the cables but it still only occurred with my stb. I called Panasonic and they also theorized that it's...
What are your other settings?
So what exactly does game mode do?
My previous TV was a Samsung HL-T5087SAX LED DLP. I apologize, I'm not sure what "native pass-thru" is but I went into the service menu on my stb and these were the only settings:User SettingsTV Type: 16:9HDMI/YPbPr Output: 1080i4:3 Override: 480iAdditional HDMI Settings:HDMI/DVI Mode: HDMIColor Space: YCC 4:4:4Audio Output: AutoThanks
That's the thing, it doesn't shut off...the screen just goes black. I can still access menus from the TV remote but nothing from the cable remote. Same cable box and HDMI cable I used with my last TV and have never had this problem before.
So has anyone else experienced this or heard of it? It's done it one more time and the conditions seem completely random. I hate to return the TV if this is just something that happens as I already have it broken in and have experienced no IR or burn-in (so this seems to be a good panel),Thanks.
Ok, I've had my 50U50 for 2 weeks now and the TV's been great with a fabulous picture. However, on 4 separate occasion the screen has inexplicably just suddenly gone black. The TV appears to still be on as the red power indicator is still lit. If I turn the TV off and back on then it's fine. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? I guess i'll be returning it.
Hey Neo, are you still planning to calibrate a U50/54. I'm really interested to see what your setting would be.Thanks.
Thanks for the response Lefty. This is my first plasma and I've read so much (too much?) about IR and burn-in that I am definitely paranoid. I'm trying to fast track the break-in process so I have the TV running 24/7 and I run the slides when no one is watching TV (overnight, etc.) so that I can control what is being displayed. They still count towards break-in time don't they?As far as brightness/contrast goes, I've read 50/50 or less and I've even seen some recommend...
Well, I got my 50U50 a couple of days ago and I am really impressed so far. This is my first plasma (replacing a DLP) and I was really worried about glare and how the PQ would compare to our previous TV, Let me say that so far I could not be any happier. The picture is fabulous, even with brightness and contrast turned down for break-in! And, while the screen is practically a mirror, glare has not been an issue at all (maybe we're just lucky with viewing angles). For...
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