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Hello, I am restarting on Plex after a few years and I am amazed at how much it has improved! I would like to add a bunch of home movies, but I want to make sure to do it right. All of the files have very generic file names (FILE0001.mp4, for example) and on my computer I have them divided into sub-folders based on the event (Big Bear Trip, etc). But there is nothing about the file name itself which tells me anything. If I just drop all of these sub-folders into the...
I am wondering whether my older Sony will have the ability to change inputs, turn on, etc, that is built in as a CEC device. I have the KDL 32XBR9 and the specs say that it has the Bravia Sync, which seems to be the CEC spec, but then it refers to a "module". Is the module something like the Chromecast device itself, or is there something I need to do to make this work?
I have a question about Picasa. I actually like this service, but it seems that after the initial upload of my Picasa content, it has not added any new photos from my account. How do I "refresh" it?
Disappointed that the Youtube app is still entirely useless. There are two idiotic problems. 1. When you go to your subscribed area, it immediately starts playing the most recent addition. Why in the world would it assume that, of all the things that have been uploaded, I would want the most recent? 2. Once you kill that auto-start, all you have is a running list of videos from all of your subscriptions, all mixed up, it is not divided in anyway by subscription...
OK, I must be using the YouTube App wrong because it really seems still unusable to me. I added my account, but when I go to my subscriptions, it just starts playing a video rather than giving me a list to choose from (which seems idiotic), and while I see a type of up and down button option which should scroll through the videos, they don't seem to work. So, I must skip through every video. I am used to the Xbox implementation, where I get a menu to choose whether to...
Agreed, the Netflix is improved but still basically useless. When you go to a menu item like subscribed, you can only play through the videos one at a time. Who does that?!
Does anyone know whether this limitation applies to the 670 as well?
I spoke too soon, my few m2ts files played on my 390, but will not play on my new 670 after all (still checking each file), but my proprietary format from my ActionHD plays fine (I need to go in and see exactly what that format is, wrapper, etc). What I am going to try with the m2ts files that don't play is the solution mentioned above, just change the extension to .mkv and see what happens. Luckily, this is only a couple of files, all the rest seem to do great.
Yes, as long as your network can handle it. It does a good job of letting you test your line and see what will work best.
I have material from a variety of "sources", which means that the formats, encoding, wrappers, etc, are all over the place. There have only been a couple of files that I can't get to play. It will even play the very odd format used my old ActionHD video camera! Nothing else would play that besides VLC on my computer. Same with my previous BD390. Traditionally, this LG line has been top-notch in breadth of compatible formats.
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