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stop buying into the Apple BS.
The FH1 also lacks a robust stabilization circuit. For a noobie, the FH1 would benefit with a tripod, but that's hard to use in a stadium where fans are standing-up suddenly in front of you. Your results will start out good until the crowd reacts, then the video will be jerky, blurry, and mostly unwatchable. For stadium shooting I mount my camcorder on a monopod. Grasping a monopod with both hands takes some of the shake out of a camcorder, and it's easy to raise higher...
Sanyo promised that their h.264 was fully compatible with iMovie when the HD2000 was first introduced. iMovie imports HD at 960 x 540 by default, and has done so for at least a couple of major revisions. If you had read the response you hyperlinked, you will see it re-iterates my two statements, and makes a few more to show that Sanyo's whole intent was to be iMovie compatible from the start. There is nothing new to the 'A' but the stenciling on the camcorder body. The...
This is not a new camera. When r u folks going to remember that US gets foreign products LAST? This is the same camcorder already in circulation, but officially for the American market. The use of 'iFrame' is not a technological solution, but a marketing gimmick to link the product to Apple users. Nothing to see here. Move Along!
have you bought a card reader? cheap
My Pentium D is too old. The first beta worked, stuttering. The second beta worked, but slower. The third beta didn't work at all, generated errors I cant remember. The fourth beta give a display error, "can't generate display device". funny thing, is it worked better on the Atom processor of my Eee PC.
so its capped at the speed of the usb 2 buss? hope it doesn't have the same hangups as usb
not that impressive, still slower than old scsi II 10MB/s, and still not fast enough for broadcast quality analog capture.
Nowadays, doubling the size of a hard drive gives new meaning to expansion.
I want to use my Sony miniDV to inspect under a shed for rodent nests. How long can a Lanc cable be, and is it the same wiring as a 2.5mm stereo mini? Thanks.
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