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The sibilance with DD+ on Netflix has been driving me nuts. I have Pioneer VSX-9040TXH and can report this happens beyond Denon. I first noticed it watching Orange Is the New Black but have since heard it on other DD+ encoded streams. I get the same audio distortions at the high end streaming Netflix from Roku 3 and TiVo Premiere. The sibilance I'm hearing is just like the Vocaroo posted above.
- X1 (personally I use a TiVo though and prefer it to Comcast's offerings) - http://www.comcast.com/x1- Yes, whole home- Yes, main unit with small no-HDD receivers in other rooms - http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/cable-tv/x1-anyroom-dvr-overview/- Better is relative. I played with a friend's X1 and he seemed to like it compared to the older boxes, but it suffers network wide downtime sometimes and has some annoying bugs.- Depends on the channel. Most are...
KGO's surround mix has been terrible for quite some time now. They haven't responded to any of my complaints. They seem to be routing all the audio through the center channel on the program, but the commercials and station announcements are all full surround. My similar post is here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/793017/san-francisco-ca-comcast/14490#post_22446244
I activated a new cable card this week and did it by phone. Just call 1-800-934-6489 and work your way through the prompts to cable television technical support and tell them you want to pair a cable card. They'll need the cable card ID, host and data strings.
I subscribe to the premium channels and while On Demand is now working again I'm having the same access problem with premium channels. I tried to play a few shows on HBO and Showtime and it said I needed to subscribe to those channels even though I am subscribed.
Same TiVo OnDemand problems here in SJ. I thought it was just me and was going to reboot for good measure. I won't bother now.
Thanks for confirming what I was hearing. Submitted a request on their website to have it looked into.
Lately on KGO / ABC7 primetime shows the 5.1 audio ends up being pushed entirely through the center channel. On the commercials and promos the audio is fine and goes through 5.1 normally, but on the shows themselves it's all funneled down to the center. My receiver says it's getting a 5.1 signal and all other programming seems fine. I've noticed it specifically on Modern Family and Castle (I don't really watch other ABC shows so I can't say how widespread it is). Is...
Has anyone noticed the video on 805 (HBOCPD) being choppy? It's kind of like it's constantly missing frames and has been doing this for several days now. I'm in San Jose 95125.
I just found the answer. No On Demand.http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/03/o...ast-on-demand/
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