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I am selling 3 matte white b and w m1s for $500. They are the newest version with all the parts and original boxes. I bought them in July 2013. They are great speakers with a low extension for SATs 64hz as I am using two as surrounds in my own setup. Arx a3s and a2 in the front. Private message me if you are interested.
They are the newer version, matte white color.
How loud are you playing it? Where is the gain set? Did you run calibration? Room size? I owned this sub and never noticed port noise, but I may not have played it as loud as you.
I have owned all three of the SVS subs mentioned above. I took advantage of the trade-up policy and went from a pb1000 to an sb2000. I did think that the sb had more detail than pb1000, but the pb1000 had much better extension for movies. Anyway, I decided to send back the sb2000 and get the pb2000. Well let me just say, I own the pb2000 now. Perhaps the detail of the sb is slightly better than the pb2000 to the discerning ear, but the pb2000 has very fine detail IMO....
Just a few isolated incidents of WAF. Could you imagine a world in which that was true? Take me there!
Last summer, I went from a pioneer 1020k receiver to a 1222k receiver, which was about double the MSRP. My speakers and sub stayed the same, so I was able to make a good comparison in sound. My take: exactly the same performance/sound for the speakers and sub I had. Granted, if I pushed the 1222k with my current speakers, it would probably hold up better because of the higher wattage, class D amp, but I think I would have been just as happy standing pat. Anyway, I also...
If anyone is interested I am selling 5 M1's for $800. I bought them in July 2013, and they are in perfect condition. I finally decided to throw aesthetics to the wind and go with floorstanding speakers for my massive room. In fact, if someone wants to only buy 3 of the speakers, that would be best because I am still using 2 for surrounds, and they work great. I will sell 3 for $500. I have all the original parts and the original boxes, which I would ship them in.
I have a pb2000 and recently replaced satellites in the frontstage with arx speakers. I have 2 arx A3's and and A2 center. Eventually, I am going to add A1's for the surrounds. Anyway, I paid a little less than $900 for the three speakers. You could add some cheaper speakers for your surrounds and stay right around $1000. Anyway, I must say that the sound coming from my arx speakers matched with the pb2000 is outstanding! Clean, clear, and precise. The bass is deep...
At those prices, why do we still need to purchase a separate Wifi and bluetooth adapter? These receivers are advancing in certain ways, but still much too antiquated in other ways.
The B&W M1's go down to 64hz +-3db and are about the same size as the focals. I am selling my set of 5 that I just got over the summer. I recently upgraded to floor standing arx speakers. They are in perfect condition will all the mounts and stands if you are interested. Message me if you are. They are the newest version of the M1.
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