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I agree. It is encouraging that nearly 3 years after the first (and only) two Met in HD blu-rays (PURITANI and ONEGIN), Universal is trying out the format again. The next couple of months will see blu-ray releases of DON PASQUALE (Deutsche Grammophon) from the season that just ended, plus AIDA and TURANDOT (Decca) from the previous season. I hope they go back and release the other operas they already put out on DVD. Then there are all the other ones released on DVD by...
The LluÃ*s Pasqual production from Teatro Real Madrid (Opus Arte). http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Mozart...-Blu-ray/9214/
OK, so obviously the e-mail notifications for this thread aren't working for me. Last time I checked the discussion was about opera offerings from online rental outifts. The article linked below made me think of this thread. I come to check and I see that it is very much alive. Does anyone else have the same problem? Anyway, here's the article from Forbes that mentions DIE...
EuroArts. Claudio Abbado conducting the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, 2009. Yuja Wang on the piano for the Prokofiev. http://euroarts2.popdata.de/artikel/..._concerto_no_3
The Mahler 1/Prokofiev Piano Cto 3 DVD is not on the Naxos label but it is distributed by Naxos. In addition to EuroArts/Medici Arts releases, Naxos also distributes Opus Arte, ArtHaus Musik, and TDK. The question, however, should be posed to EuroArts. Naxos' role is to get the titles to retailers, the actual label (EuroArts in this case) decides what comes out and in what format. So far it appears they have chosen to release this disc on DVD only.
I didn't see it listed on DG's website but some British retailers are listing a Blu-ray (and DVD) release of Brahms' Violin Sonatas (Anne-Sophie Mutter). I hope this means they're back in the game!
It appears that the "coming soon" section has been done away with. Is this the case or is it now hidden where I can't find it?
I believe Aida is airing at the end of the month (on the 30th in some areas?). Tonight my local PBS aired The Audition for the first time. Their HD channel is playing it several times in the next couple of days. At the end of the program there was a short promo for Turandot, which would come after Aida (no date was given). I would imagine all of them will be broadcast (as was the case last season). It all depends on whether your local station decides to air it.
Shucks! I hope that it's just a delay and not a permanent cancellation. I have posted the U.S. new BD releases for Feb. 23rd. The only non-operatic disc coming out on that date I'm aware of is Schumann's Symphony No.4 and Piano Cto. (Argerich/Chailly). Also, the Tristan und Isolde from Bayreuth is being pushed back yet again (to 2/23). BTW, Google migrated the pages and forced some changes to the site, including a different, longer URL (not that it was that simple in...
Received this morning from DG: Thank you for your email. We will not release any Blu-Rays in the near future. However, this is not a final decision not to release any Blur-Rays any more. Thank you for your understanding With best wishes [XXXXX] DG Web Editorial Team
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