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You can't get rid of blooming completly and I've tried it on 10 just see what would happen but, I ended up putting it back on 15. 10 setting helps out the blooming at the expence of dimming the whole screens light otput on low light scence . At that point why have a local dimming tv, it will be more like a global dimming set( A650 or A750 with auto energy save on). Try it though, it's your set see what works for you!
nah, those codes are sometimes tv self generated!! unless your having service done on your set I wouldn't worry about it. It's your set, have fun.
Sorry Guys!! My Delta E was off on my color space, here are my adjusted settings. Color has to be at 47 for this color space to be perfect! Listed below is only what I changed everything else is still the same. Brightness: 42 Color: 47 Color Space Red: 50R, 9G, 9B Green: 48R, 49G, 9B Blue: 0R, 16G, 81B Yellow:69R, 47G, 15B Cyan: 52R, 49G, 53B Magenta: 50R, 26G, 78B White Balance R offset 27 G offset 27 B offset 23 R gain 24 G gain 29 B gain 21
0X0020 is the factory setting, when you drop down in numbers it goes to letters before it hit numbers again. example: 0x0020, 0x001C, 0x001B, 0x001A, then 0x0015...
Yeah, the european sets are different, the levels on everything are no were near the same as the american sets!
Exchange it, I had the same problem on my second set!! The panel is bad on that string of pixels. I am now on my third LN-55A950 from Samsung!
amp on low along with led motion plus gives us all 1000 lines of resolution! but the problem is amp on low has some judder left in from samsung's programmers. so I found if you go into the FRCM ADV change the low setting I mentioned in my settings from 15 to 8 I can still keep my amp setting on low but it's way smoother because I took out the intended judder and have little to no artifacts!
I only use those calibrated settings for night time blu ray viewing. I had to use warm 2, anything else had waaaaaaaaaaay too much blue in it! My gray scale red, green, and blue are almost flat on the 100% line across 0 IRE to 100 IRE. My color space is covering the hd standard triangle perfectly, my gamma average is 2.38, and i'm about D65 across the board!
New Posts  All Forums: