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Hi fairchild99, I wasn't aware that the GCD mp4 files had chapter points...then again I've only viewed about half of them. Unfortunately, all of my pattern sweeps were encoded as one video file and chapter point were then added in Adobe Encore. Anything short of re-encoding all of my sweeps to add chapter points or individual chapter pattern encoding...what I have currently is the best I can offer...for now.   Ryan
LOL...I already do and it drives my wife crazy during movies!
Hi cadett,Thank You! Yes, the triplet integers are different so therefore different requests. My color checker patterns are only compatible with ChromaPure software.Ryan
I just released the MP4 version of my pattern disc. All of the file folders are separated and categorized similar to how my pattern disc menus are arranged. Please let me know of any issues and or problems in regard to the playback of these files. Thanks. Ryan
I would have to say gamma being the biggest difference between my 4% standard patterns vs the 4% APL patterns on my VT50. I try to aim for a gamma of 2.22 - 2.28 when calibrating. I have noticed on mostly dark movies that the 4% standard patterns seem to make the picture look more accurate and natural over the 4% APL patterns. However, my 4% APL patterns seem to work great on just about everything else. I like having the option of switching between both sets of calibrated...
Hi JimP,No, it looks pretty balanced on my VT50. I have trouble deciding whether to use 4% APL or standard...I have my isf day calibrated to 4% APL and isf night calibrated to 4% standard...switching back and forth. In the past I had a greenish overcast issues when calibrating both my Panasonic and Pioneer, but found out my meter was the culprit. I then upgraded to my Display 3 Pro and revealed I was about 5 -10% too high on green compared to red and blue. What display are...
Sounds good! Was Tom referring to 5% standard window patterns or APL? The 5% windows on my disc are APL or C(constant)PL patterns. I personally bounce between my 4% standard and 4% APL patterns on my VT50 with phenomenal results! Let me know how it turns out!Ryan
Thank you, like I said before this project is a never ending addiction! I am working on my mp4 version strategically to keep the file size down but not effect quality and accuracy. Should be ready in a few weeks...if I had to put it on a timeline.Ryan
I just released REV_006, here is a list of changes, additions, and modifications: Meter Profiling Sweep WRGBYCM Clipping Pattern Near Black RGBYCM Clipping Pattern Menu/Pop-up Menu Cosmetic Changes Improved Menu navigation Please let me know of any issues with the new revision. Ryan
My 2%, 5%, and 10% APL patterns all have a 22% stimulus constant background.Ryan
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