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Just curious what it says on the guide for PTI? Does it say "New" for the episode that is supposed to record? A lot of times, the guide will change and reflect different data, and sometimes that data is whether or not the episode is new or not. If it is not stated as new, the DVR will not record it unless you have it set to record new and repeats. But doing that would have a lots and lots PTI recorded.
The X1 doesn't replace the cable service either. TIVO is just like using the X1 except instead of paying a rental on the X1 box to Comcast, you pay for the TIVO unit and then pay TIVO a guide subscription. So, you are using a TIVO device instead of the X1.
With TIVO, you obtain a cable card from Comcast. This enables the TIVO unit to use the cable signal from Comcast. I assume that since the new TIVO can record multiple shows in the background, you would need a cable card for each tuner. And, these cable cards are free from Comcast. At least they were when I had a TIVO. I paid nothing to Comcast. I only paid a monthly subscription fee (or one time lifetime fee) to TIVO for the guide service.
I posted this on another X1 forum as well, just thought I would have a better chance at reaching a Comcast person lurking if I posted in multiple locations. All kinds of weirtd things happening now. At randow times, clicking the up arrow or "OK" button will restart a recording that you are watching. Very annoying, as I am now afraid to touch anything on the remote for fear that I will have to FF back to where I was. This happened about 15 times on every recording I...
Try accessing PTI on the main guide. It might show there that it is set to record.
Not that I am aware of.
To delete a series, go to one of the scheduled recordings in the scheduled list, access that and click on cancel. It will then ask you if you want to do that for that episode only or all future episodes. Click on all future episodes, and you have just canceled the series. And the online DVR Manager is located here..http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/mytv/dvrMy recordings and scheduled recordings are accessed on the left side, click on Watch TV along the top to get the guide, and...
Maybe a signal issue with that one channel.
What time are these interrupted shows recording? Possibly, your X1 doing its random nightly reboot during a recording? I know it's supposed to sense when you are recording and not reboot at that time, but you never know.
Pressing the right arrow once, brings up the mini-guide on the right hand side.
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