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Just wondering for those who use a heritage system what do they use for surrounds back and side?
In this day and age of 7.1 and directionality all over the place. Is there even a reason to look at the klipsch RS 62 II or the smaller ones at all? With sound engineers wanting you to know exaclty where the sound if comming from, would you not be doing your self a disservice using a speaker like that for your surrounds both side and rear??
I am dissapointed in what you said about the THX system as I was thinking that might be the holy grail for me in klipsch. So do you really feel its a HTIB for rich people, vs a r7 II system?
But even with a sub for each system, how would one rank over the other one? Does one just have better mid bass than the other? And how much does the driver size really come in to play?
I have a new couch and I love it. Its a 3 seat couch with 2 recliners at the ends. And that is where we sit as the middle drops down. Now its nota love seat but a 3 seat couch, just no body will ever sit in the middle as its just me and her. Now my question is. how do I set up the speakers so its sounds good for both ends of the couch? I am going to to the triangle speaker thing up front, but don't know if I should toe or not, (have klipsch klf 20) and the sides are at...
Ok I am setting up the triangle as everyone suggests but my question is when I am sitting 9 feet away. I have the left and the right 4.5 feet from the center. Is 4.5 feet is that to the center of the speaker or the the inside?
WOW, my mouth just started watering on this set up. Can you post some pictures of it? I would love to see it.
Its good to revive things from time to time. So this thread should come back to life. So who else has enjoyed the change?
Do you use the ks 525 for the side surrounds or the rears? and how far apart do you have the left and right speakers? And what are you powering the speakers with?
And you reply shows your lack of knowledge. If you only new who I was you be quite surprised, and how wrong you are.
New Posts  All Forums: