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Actually, the LG7600 does change inputs with other brands when Simplink is on. I have a Magnavox DVD player which will work with Simplink.
It appears from the manual that the 220 cannot read mp4 videos off a data dvd, only a flash drive or other usb device. Is this confirmed? This would be a deal-breaker for me if so. Can anyone help with this?
Thanks, I just wanted to make sure it will read mp4 videos off a DVD instead of just USB devices like some other players.
Can anyone confirm to me if the S590 can indeed play mp4 video files off a data DVD disc?
Does the 220 play data DVD discs with mp4 videos?
I shouldn't say I don't have internet. I have good old fashioned dial-up . Therefore as far as this is concerned, I don't have internet.Thanks for the link. I have the 47LM7600 model, if that matters. Can anyone tell me if the updates will improve anything for me from what was shipped to me on the TV, being that I'm not using any of the smart features?I don't suppose there's any way to update the TV via an over-the-air antenna hookup??
I don't have internet, is it possible to update the software any other way? Would you recommend updating it, since I don't use the "smart" functions via internet on this TV?
Thanks for listing some of the buttons! I appreciate the info.
Ok, thanks. Do you know if there's a photo of the remote online that shows the buttons? I tried to google it but couldn't find a picture close enough to make out the buttons. Is there a button to get to the episode guide on the TV OTA channels? or a "quick-view" button?
I'd like to know if someone here has actually used the AKB73615313 remote on the 47LM7600 model TV and how it works. I'd hate to buy it and then find out it doesn't, just in case. Does anyone have a close-up photo of the remote to see the buttons on it? Thanks
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