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I, for one, appreciate that you post the files for everyone's benefit. Thanks for your initiative Dave
I use kmttg to copy shows from my Tivo to my PC, it works really well (as long as the shows are not copy-protected, obviously) and has a batch mode.It is free and can be downloaded from this link:http://sourceforge.net/projects/kmttg/
I second that.Al rules!
Have you considered setting up your HDPVR next to your PC instead as closer to your DVR?Mine is about 15 ft from my Tivo, and is connected to the PC with a 6 ft USB cable. I prefer to use longer cables for the optical audio and component video to the Tivo.The signal feeds properly, with no interruptions. Just a thought.
I use yaDIS, and my situation is similar to yours (Dune not networked, content on attached storage).What I like most about that jukebox, aside from the ease of use, is the ability to customize it to your needs and create your own templates.
Thanks for the info... I see an Android device in my future
Including yaDIS?
Hi all, I'm in the process of organizing my music collection, and would like to know which tag editing freeware do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance
Yes, USB attached storage.
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