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It's been the news all day. Richmond-based Media General will be merging with LIN Media for $1.6 billion.
It appears that KXTV has applied for a digital fill-in translator on Channel 36. The translator will serve a good chunk of Sacramento & Yolo Counties.
This is probably the best news for WKBW 7. They're are getting a new owner. And it's Scripps. Scripps will buy WKBW and Detroit's WMYD for $110M.
KVRR in Fargo went HD on Wednesday.
Well it appears that Fox has applied for a fill-in translator for WTXF on channel 38 to serve the northern viewing area, including Allentown. Channel 38 is the same channel its sister-station across the turnpike, WWOR is, which itself applied for a fill-in translator. Another fill-in translator. That's certainly what the FCC don't want to see, as they're trying to buy up spectrum for those upcoming incentive auctions.
Now WNYW wants a digital fill in on Channel 32, in Newburgh, NY.
Looks like Gray is in the process of getting ready to move WJHG to RF 18. But first, Gray has applied LP station to move WECP-LD from RF 18 to RF 29.
This is somewhat shocking, because we know that the FCC wants to reclaim spectrum for broadband use. But based on this application showned tonight, Fox-owned, WWOR wants a digital fill-in translator on Channel 34 from a transmitter just north of Yonkers. So this translator will basically serve the northern viewing area.
It looks like the Deathstar can't have it both ways. The Post-Dispatch state the Department Of Justice has ordered Gannett to divest Belo's KMOV 4 to a third party independent entity and not their proposed sidecar entity, Sander Media, LLC. Of course this came after Gannett annouced it $2.2B ($1.5B + $715M in debt) deal to acquire Belo. Gannett would reassign stations where they overlap either a TV or newspaper entity to Sander. Of course many advocacy groups like Free...
So the only analogs in the immediate area that are left are Analogs 6 (WKQX-LP) & 23 (WWME-CA)? I would also say WMEU-LP 48, but there be times it be on, and then that 48 signal be off.
New Posts  All Forums: