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I'm watching World News Tonight, and they are airing a crawl on RF7 (not on RF44) that they will be turning off RF7 on Monday, March 18. RF44 has been on its new 1 million watt signal since they'd installed its new UHF antenna back in October. WLS was one of the last stations in the country to do the dual-frequency after reception issues after the digital transition. Good that they waited until after the sweeps to do this. More info on the website.
WNYT has made a deal to acquire WNYA from Venture Technologies. It is expected to close within the second quarter.
KSNB is officially under Gray's control. Here's it's consummation note, posted this morning.
It appears that the FCC has greenlighted the Assignment of License of KSNB to Gray. I guess we'll wait for what Gray will do on Channel 4.
16 & 38 just moved to the Victory Building where 4 & 42 is, last Saturday. I could see This TV picked up by one of the KMYA stations.
KNWA & KFTA in Rogers/Fort Smith, AR are also in HD. As of October 24, 2012.
WTVC in Chattanooga, TN & WTAJ in Altoona, PA had HD launches today.
Correction, all the stations mentioned has morning news starting at 4am.
It's been reported all day today. But Weigel Broadcasting is launching a new digital subnetwork that will be aring on the Fox O&Os. This venture will be the first network that won't be airing on any of the Weigel Stations in Chicago. This new network which the name entitled "Movies!" will be launching later in the spring, will be airing on the DT2 subchannel. Not sure if its WFLD or WPWR. More on this new can be read HERE.
The new subchannel is going to be aired on Fox O&Os so its going to be on WJBK 2.2. Nothing is going to change to This TV on WDIV.
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