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Thanks a lot you're very helpful. Hmmm when you break it down like that it makes for a difficult choice. I think I'm going to save up and then spray with the silver fire . 1last question, now would buying a boc or sintra for it to be sprayed be a huge improvement over just spraying on a well sanded wall?
Light controlled in my case means its in the basement, Windows are covered, dark red walls and black.carpet. Ceiling is white however. Which case is better the maxmudd or the 2nd option with me adding grey to the SW. Also you say I'm limited because of rolling, would it make a big difference if I use another option? Thanks
Screen size is about 120inch. Pretty much fills up the wall excluding the borders. I feel like I need something slightly darker for the blacks and to make the colors pop more. I'm using a 1/4roller. Thanks.
I have the viewsonic7820hd and its very bright. Room is the basement with controlled lighting. I did 2coats of the sherwin William white paint and I feel like I could get a better match. Thanks.
First off, i used the calibration settings in this thread and its pretty bad. Colors look better with those settings and having BC on however. Also when I turn RGB on, the screen has a heavy green tint and is unwatchable. This i when using my laptop winows 7. Any help? thanks
So I just bought the viewsonic pjd7820 1080p projector. It's going to be in my basement, I'm coloring the walls red however I need t know which specific paint model should I buy for the screen wall. Homedepot or a known place would be preferred. Thanks alot
So im moving from my 50inch LED to a projector in the basement with the budget of around 4-600$, can go a little higher. Mostly for ps3 and movies. These are the ones ive seen that seem to have good reviews, any better recommendations and would it make a big difference going from 720 to 1080p on a projector at around 100in? -Optoma HD66 http://www.amazon.ca/Optoma-HD66-2500-Lumens-4000/dp/B002ZWU33U -Epson 710HD...
What is optical zoom? I would like to do some alright zooming on the cam.
Here's the basic details. I need a camera for a family trip and pretty much just taking pics of the fam. Budget is at 150$. Any recommendations, I know nothing about cams. Thx
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