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I searched a bit, and I went with monoprice for all that stuff. The customs hit sucked, but their prices made up for it
Did you get your wiring sorted out?
lo, probably not far off. It seems I've done nothing but painting these days... almost done now though!
Yep, next up on the punch list is the rack area, and the panels for the walls. My room wasn't intended to be square but after adjusting the false wall and pushing one of the side walls in a bit, that's exactly what has happened - my room is almost perfectly square. (14.5' per side) I've read this is a big no-no, but well - that's where I'm at right now. I've known all along that I wanted to have treatments on the walls, but once I came across gpowers' thread I knew...
Not much of an update... I built a 2x4 frame that I have inserted into my opening upon which I can mount the screen. The frame will also support the velvet panels that I'll make to fill the gaps left, right and below the screen outwards to the stone. As soon as the velvet arrives from Seymour AV (it was missed in my original order) I'll be able to get those built. I'm really happy to have the screen up - but it is giving me the urge to go and get a projector and I...
+1 on this suggestion (I would do this if it were me)
Funny you should ask - my screen arrived the other day, and I've got it assembled and ready to hang: It's a Seymour AV screen: The screen is a custom aspect ratio - 2.1:1. In the photo it has the masking panels to make it 2.40:1 installed. The size is 120" wide x 50" in scope format, and 115" x 65" in HDTV format. The distance from the screen to the eyes is about 145" - though this is an estimate - I'll know for sure when I get everything in place.
I cranked the volume last night to test the soundproofing. First without the sub - the results were awesome. In the family room directly over the theater: result almost inaudible and easily overcome with the tv on a very low volume. With the subwoofer - result: I could make out the subwoofer two floors away as a very low rumble. It isn't waking anybody though I would have liked more I guess that's where going the full distance would have helped. The test was done at...
I have hung all 7 speakers and hooked them up temporarily to the SC-37 to make sure that they all work. So far so good. I have one of the two subs hooked up too. I need a Y cable so that I can hook up both subs at the same time. I've also glued up 1" ML board insulation everywhere behind the screen. I don't have it for underneath the front sub - still not sure if I should or not. Next up are the MDF columns around the subs. Progress pic: Need to get the...
I'd point a fan at the sand and let it run for several hours with some stirring every few hours.
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