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All HD-DVDs are region free.From what I have heard L'ennemi intime does not have English subtitles (only french and arabic).oss 117 blu-ray is in stock at amazon.fr
I've got the UK version of Assembly, so with the IA trilogy I just need them to release Exiled. Hopefully it will be soon.
The trilogy is now available to preorder! http://www.dddhouse.com/v3/product_d...ProductID=8509
30 days of night says 'A' on the back but was region free.
Going to be hard to resist! This is bigger to me than Paramount!
Wonder why Warner is waiting to Sept 1st to release it in the UK?!?
Not sure why people are worried about Warner UK. They recently did a very good job with Beowolf. They also released Training Day in VC-1 which looked much better than the US MPEG-2 version. If you like the film and have the $$ then order it.
There is no news at the moment however every sony release thus far in 2008 has been region free so signs may be good. Check the following website over the next fews days as they normally post the region status of all new releases they sell: http://movietyme.blogspot.com/ or another site that provides region info: http://bluray.liesinc.net/
cheers, fingers crossed they are. It would be rather annoying if after supporting a region free format that they started doing so with their bd releases.
They havent stated anything thus far. Think we are going to have to take a "wait and see" approach. I've ordered cloverfield anyway as even if it doesnt work I reckon I'd be able to sell it in the UK for close to what I paid for it.
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