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Just out of curiosity, what do you browse using blu ray player and its remote?
Anyone please remind me how to switch BD region on this player using remote? I forgot since have not used it for a while, can't find instruction either. Thanks in advance.
Look forward to see how your copy is doing. Thanks
Thanks for reply. My player got updated last weekend to latest firmware. Problem persist. Interesting is that ripped movie triggers 3D properly. This makes me believe even more, the big guys from studios messed up with both disc authoring. But that does not mean I need to upgrade my system. It means buying some 3D discs in not worth it anymore. No wonder, some critics and magazines say this is slow end of home 3D, for which I did not believe until now. Selling movie...
Guys, anyone has same issue I describe under link below? I appreciate you taking a minute and look over it. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1505876/3d-does-not-kick-in-only-with-latest-wolverine-despicable-me-2-blu-ray-movies-help/0_50 Because this happens only on two latest 3D blu ray disks I purchased, I do not suppose it is firmware upgrade issue. Ideas?
OK, I used my 3D system comprising of Panasonic DMP-BDT500 blu ray player and Optoma HD8300 projector with Optoma OEM BG-ZF2100GLS glasses for almost a year playing most of 2012 and 2013 released 3D blu rays with no problem. Recently with purchased 3D blu ray movies: Despicable Me 2 and Wolverine, both when attempted to playback show message about missing 3D display capable system. In order to play these two particular discs in 3D I have to use any older 3D blu ray disc...
UL power consumption. That's something. What next? CE power consumption? Be reasonable people. Do not talk nonsense.
Once upon a time, I have ordered Comcast internet and cable service tempted with their high up & down speeds (15MBps) and found it indeed keeps promised band but only for first 1-2 minutes after which the speed was dropping to AT&T DSL speed. It took me some effort to get the service cancelled. After this I promised myself that I will never get Comcast service... ever. Thank god I live now in New England, where I enjoy FIOS which is true blast!
I tried couple of SACD on this Pioneer, one Celine Dion New Day Has Come, another was Dire Straits Brothers in Arms, average sound, same sounding like from same CD that I own as well. Unlike from my 10 old Denon CD/DVD/SACD 2900 player which makes SACDs astonishing sound. This shows how poor mainstream Pioneer players became, cheap components, cheap design, etc. Both compared using Yamaha gear A-S500, RX-S600 and 4 pairs of speakers JBL L90 and 4312c, B&W CM4 as well as...
Try $400 for multiregion with true hardware free and pal to ntsc conversion and 50 to 60p upscaling. Well, I am not complaining for playback quality at all. It is just that the laser head mechanism could have been done better. Cause right now it sounds like my 25 yrs old 5.25 inch floppy on IBM PC AT which I resurrected recently to donate it to local museum of technology.
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