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I'm thinking about the VIZIO. The E601i-A3 VIZIO 60" LED 1080p 120Hz SMART HDTV at Costco $979 any helpful suggestions or comments
Thanks ap1, That explains a lot! "That is why there are very few dedicated CD players left"In light of the fact that I haven't kept up on the latest equipment out there I was also thinking maybe there was another way to record many CD's on a different format and then play them back as opposed to using a dedicated multi Disc player?I was content using my Pioneer PD-M650 6 Disc magazine changer until it stopped working, I wish I could just get it repaired!
Can anyone advise another way to playback CD music on home system. It seems that CD players are obsolete? Any helpful advise /comments will be greatly appreciated:confused:
We just purchased the Vizio XVT473SV and other than a slight set up glitch that was remedied by updating at no cost to a HDTV box with HDMI output. (it also has RCA digital audio output that for the first time has made the Onkyo surround sound work as it should) This set so far (2 days) has a terrific HD picture and we are very happy with it! It has given us a new respect for HD which before didn't seem to be a big deal!
I've been very intrigued by the Vizio XVT553SV, but it seems that it doesn't handle 24P correctly. What else is out there that would work with the above? We just purchased the Vizio XVT473SV yesterday At Costco and when setting it up realized there was no input selection on drop down menu for coax cable?(HDMI, AV, etc) Called tech service and they got around it but now it's connect as if it has no cable box and just plugged in to wall cable? Cable box has no HDMI output...
I'm looking for the same TV, 46"/47", Full LED, WiFi, Internet, swivel stand is a great addition. I hope there will be more helpful posts, it's great that people are generous enough to take the time to help! It is very much appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by Codename_Falcon The big improvement is the XVT473SV has more dimming zones. I believe it has 120 vs 80 on the XVT472SV. I thought I was finished and made my choice but reading some of these reviews has caused me to rethink that position? "The TV was great at the beginning. It started to flicker after 5 months." "Good value, top of the line specs and features. After 33 days while watching a movie the screen went...
Thanks, Codename_Falcon
Can you tell me the difference between the XVT473SV and the XVT472SV?
I'm trying to research a 47" flat panel LED for main TV, to be viewed @ 10 feet with WiFi I found this model LG 47LE8500 looks good so far. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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