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Can someone confirm that the free 5.1 download that comes with the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack cd is actually stereo, and they give you directions to turn on pro logic II? Isn't that illegal? http://www.amazon.com/Sherlock-Holme.../dp/B002ZMZBD2
Mine does that too. But I take that as a good sign, that hdmi-cec is working. I can use the tv remote to control the volume of the avr. :/
Email sent. I've tried 96 khz 5.1 aac (mp4) files converted in Foobar, but of course the PS3 only supports 48 khz stereo. I can stream Wma pro & lossless from windows media player 11 on a pc to the PS3, but it converts it to 44 khz stereo, lol. I guess the only answer besides buying a bluray, is burning a BD5 or BD9 on a dvd...
Any way to play a surround format besides surround mp3 from itrax.com on the ps3? Are those surround mp3's 'HD'? Itrax's forum seems to be broken. Burn a blueray audio onto a dvd?
I'm curious. Has anyone ever tried the HDCP Compliance Test on this device, maybe with the Cyberlink program on an htpc? I think this device was made before the test was out.
Yep, the amc theater with 'digital 3d' gave me RealD glasses, even though it's not listed on RealD sites. I think the 3d looked sharper and more noticeable than the amc pseudo-imax 3d theater.
Thanks. So Sony projectors are RealD, but AMC Imax 3d is different?
What kind of 3d does this theater have? All I can find out is 'digital 3d'. It doesn't appear on reald or dolby digital 3d lists. AMC Loews Menlo Park 12 390 Menlo Park, Edison, NJ
No love for union?
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