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No...this could change your calibrated white balancd and gamma tracking
Frankly, only after I decided to finally clear it up with the 27" Dell Ultrasharp that came precalibrated did I find out how off it really was...I suggest getting at least a colormunki with basic software to at least get the white balancei correct, the gamut coverage in sRGB emulation is shockingly skewed and can't be helped in that mode... However, it can be brought to perfection with color management in wide gamut mode while it is not clear if a cheaper monitor...
True, but, sadly, aside from composite PAL color encoding problems, US TVs seem to be further restricted by inability to handle 50hz refresh rate even if the signal is digital + HD...Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6030X using Tapatalk
Interestingly, most external boxes (or those provided by cable operators) can convert PAL broadcast they receive to NTSC signal - no need for a converter but needs to be confirmed prior to purchase and it's mostly digital boxes that can do that.... Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6030X using Tapatalk
It's a 50" ST60. I'll try running AVSHD and GCD window patterns at max contrast and report when I find time, I calibrated finally to GCD APL windows with contrast at 65 which gave me 120 cd/m2, low panel luminance...it's a colormunki display meter...
Weird, I measured 290 cd/m2 from AVSHD small ABL pattern on the EU ST 60 at maximum contrast , custom mode (not sure what panel luminance was set to but I don't think it matters that much for peak brightness)...but it's no more than 60 to 70 on full screen white or ANSI pattern.... Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6030X using Tapatalk
No, I wasn't, it's exactly like you said- the source is expected to be a computer environment where most images are expected to contain 0.45 gamma encoded internally...For rec.709 I'd elaborate as follows (actually not dismissing Poynton) that, even if 1.2 end-to-end is prescribed for output for dim environments, I think the range starting with 1.1 resulting with gamma of 2.09 (incidentaly roughly the gamma of earlier Panasonic plasmas) is also apropriate for bright...
Alas, there are no additional options when BT.1886 is selected as reference function in HCFR...dispcalgui/argyll doesn't allow manual gamma adjustment on display itself, it only adjusts the gfx card gamma curves so can only be used from a PC...but no matter, can be tried for providing me some insight...from what I saw in available sRGB profiles, sRGB curve is not a straight power law curve and that the inverse of 2.2 gamma is expected in the source...I understand the...
I would very much like to try the sRGB tone response curve (which is similar to BT.1886) with my ST60 but there is no provision in HCFR for it... Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6030X using Tapatalk
In fact, Deep color is just a function of HDMI that allows bit depth greater than 8 bit to be passed between source and display....bit depth is not directly associated with gamut but large gamuts almost as a rule require or at least benefit from it...as you see, most components are in fact already available for improved experience...Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6030X using Tapatalk
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