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Thanks all for replying. I think I will go with CT150 for its about 100$ cheaper on Amazon.
Thanks! Good to know the nice things about CT150
Has anyone compared these two sounrbars? Any inputs are appreciated. They are within around the same price range on Amazon. Reviews are also mixed. I also found Yamaha YHT-S401BL, which seems to be a newer and upgraded version from S400, which cost $200 more. Dose it worth it?
What's the Best Wall/Ceiling Mount for Benq W6000 under 100$? I found this "Vantage Point CGUPM12-S" on Amazon. Wondering if it can work with w6000
I plan to connect my PC to onkyo TX-SR 606 through a DVI-HDMI cable once I get my onkyo 606. The audio will go through a separate optical cable. Can anyone confirm that this setting works on onkyo 606? I read the 606 manual, on page 31, it says 'video signals from a PC are not supported.'
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