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Thanks colnago!Agreed, at $27, the BT receiver probably has a very basic DAC compared with the dual Burr-Brown processor on the v375. The BT wireless connection also probably has some limitations compared with HDMI or component video & optical digital or analog audio. Additionally, we would want remote control.It sounds like an A/V receiver or preamp is probably a better choice than BT. Alternatively, I understand a soundbar is a popular option. However, all these...
For those who are interested in optical digital audio to stereo rca, you way wish to see the following related topic: Viera Audio out, Or Viera + Samsung DTB-H260F to 2.0 sound system?
Panasonic and DTS Deliver High Quality Home Entertainment Experience Feb. 1 2013Sadly, there's no mention of a plug & Play option for legacy analog systems, especially one that also includes variable audio output via the Panasonic remote and lip-sync adjustment.Given the above, the Samsung DTB-H260F, that we already own, appears to be best solution that doesn't require a wireless Bluetooth signal:HDMI & component videoVariable analog audio output w/o requiring an external...
colnago, Understood. Q. Is there a recommended Bluetooth Audio Receiver that includes remote control? Q. Which of the following lip-sync capable components provides better sound quality from your ZT60? HomeSpot NFC-enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver Yamaha RX-v375 A/V receiver
Hi Tyler,Wow, I'm very glad to have checked this thread and found this post since you're also using a DTB-H260F with a Pana. 60-series plasma.I agree. We're currently using a nearly 6-yr. old DTB-H260F on a recently purchase ZT60. The reception and PQ are excellent. I'm not surprised by holl_ands expert analysis given our experience. CR also praised the DTB-H260F.The electronic program guide (EPG) is exceptionally convenient. It's hard to believe Panasonic didn't...
The Yamaha RX-v375 A/V receiver looks very appealing. Includes: DAC, lip-sync control, and remote control w/o the need for a wireless Bluetooth signal. I was just hoping to continue to use our very reliable legacy sound sys. I guess anther option might be to just replace our analog preamp with an A/V preamp.
ZT60 E-Help Search - http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/E-HELP_ZT60.PDF: Viera Link: Is there a way to utilize the HDAVI Control and its automatic lip-sync function for an analog legacy sound system? Bluetooth Audio Settings: Is there a Bluetooth receiver available to adjust the lip-sync delay function? Thanks
Google search results:Audio Latency:CNET Comments:http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/panasonic-tc-p60st60/4505-6482_7-35566952.html:FIIO D07 Reviews:http://www.parts-express.com/fiio-d07-tv-digital-analog-converter--230-134http://www.amazon.com/D07-Advanced-Digital-Analog-Converter/product-reviews/B00BB4AECI/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-tv-panasonic-st60/
ZT60: We'd like to connect the audio out to our legacy analog preamp, tuner, & power amp 2.0 sound system. Application: OTA reception (no cable or satellite), as well as video streaming, Blu-Ray, and DVDs. I'm aware Viera plasmas lack analog audio out. In searching AVS, I found: Using the digital audio out + a DAC is one solution for analog audio output. For OTA applications one should select a DAC that also includes DD & DTS such as Fiio D07 or Gefen...
I read many positive comments about Monoprice cables. However, I've not seen anything on their DAC.How do the Gefen & Monoprice models compare?
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