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Thanks.Actually, that pic was taken right after we unpacked it. Here's where it resides (right front corner)
This better?
I've not had any issues running my Triax, as well as the rest of my system on the same circuit, on a 15amp circuit, even at levels that had me fearing damage to my room (and hearing!) with actual content.He also added this to his list based on feedback from me http://www.xantech.com/controls/controllersswitches/controllersswitchers/AC1/This has worked very well with my Triax. Here's the link to Brian's site;http://www.speakerpower.net/documents.html
I just checked, I was mistaken, it's turned off. D-Nice must have turned it off during one of the calibrations (he's been here 3 times since 2009).
Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Interesting. I have orbiter on and never noticed this effect. But then maybe D-Nice turned it off when he calibrated my 151 (I haven't touched the controls since D-Nice calibrated it). Hmmm...maybe I'll check and see if orbiter is still on.
My apologies if this has been answered already....I didn't have any luck going a search.. Does the 103 output PAL content in it's native format or does it convert it to NTSC first? My Kuro can display PAL /50hz content natively so I'd refer to avoid any conversion if possible as I understand conversion can introduce artifacts. Thanks.
I learned some time ago not to buy something based on "promised" future features or fixes. I'll continue to watch from the sidelines and see how things develope. Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying my AVM20 very much.
I also get an uneasy feeling that Anthem isn't what is was when I bought my AVM20 many years ago. There are several posts here about Anthem's lack of response to emails and the new MRX's are a bit buggy (it's been months and still no official fix for track clipping and lack of bass issues in Anthem Logic).
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