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Thanks Nick.
Thanks for the clarification.Has the bass issue been fixed in Anthem Logic?
Ugh....this isn't looking good for the way I listen to music. . I guess the only way to know for sure if it will be a major issue for me is to try one.Wait a minute...they removed Anthem Logic entirely? My old AVM 20 is looking better and better.....Was your question about correcting over 5k directed at me? If so, I don't currently own an Anthem MRX AVR. I have an old AVM 20 that lacks any kind of room correction. I'm considering replacing it with an MRX AVR, hence my...
So if I'm streaming a song list that includes tracks with different sampling rates I can expect tracks to be chop when a track of a different sampling rate starts? Since my music collection contains material from different sources (HD Tracks, ripped CDs [FLAC], MP3s, etc. with varying sampling rates) this could still be an issue for me. Btw, my AVM20 has no problems with this.It's very strange that this isn't an issue in the more mainstream brands but is in the higher...
Sweet!Sounds like maybe dust or gunk built up in the spindle motor. Glad to hear it was an easy fix. I'll have to remember this should I ever run into the same problem.
Thanks for the updates and pics. I wonder how much it would cost to replace the drive? Perhaps Oppo could send you a drive?
Yes, I do use that filter to tame a bump in the upper bass (centered about 72hz). Like you said, while limited, it does help some.
My 11 year old processor, an Anthem AVM20, lacks any room correction. I'm considering replacing it this year with a new Anthem AVR to give ARC a try.
Interesting. I have no experience with room correction (well, a few years ago I did have an SVS sub EQ unit by Audyssey for a few days, but returned it) so I'll have to defer to those who do. Yeah, I fully expect the same return policy as the subs. I'm looking forward to reading more about PSA's new speakers.
New Posts  All Forums: