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Bump. I too would like to cut the cord and be able to DVR local channels that are in HD OTA. I know the simpl.tv is being released soon, but I believe it is a single tuner, so doesn't that mean if it is recording,mi cannot change the channel.nany other options?
I went to Hulu Plus and clicked on the link for supported devices. If you scroll down it lists Panasonic TV's/BLU-RAYS with internet enabled, coming later this year. It does not list what TV's. I assumed it would be in the form of an update.
In my search to eventually cut the cord and get all my TV via Internet I saw today that Panasonic will be adding Hulu Plus sometime this year. I take it that will not be with just newer devices, but it will be in the form of an update and become an app. Does anyone know if there are any plans for Panasonic to add MLB.TV to the app lineup? As much as the Mariners suck, I love watching them and remain loyal. The only program I will not be able to get if all these soon...
Thanks for the link, I am sure it will be very helpful. I just turned on the TV and it is working without the receiver being on. I don't know what I did, it just kind of happened. I came to erase my post not expecting such a quick response. I will still refer to the guide. I find these kinds of tools very useful, these forums are great for that. I used the setup for my Panasonic G20 Plasma and figured there must be something for the Denon as well. Thanks.
I just set up the 3311ci last night. I read on another forum that you can watch TV without turning on the receiver. How do I go about setting this up? I have been all over the setup, but cannot figure it out. If I knew what is was called I could probably do a search, but I do not. My boyfriend is not tech savvy and I want him to be able to watch TV without turning on the receiver.
I thought I would update everyone on FOX 41-1 in Yakima with the AM21. Around the same time we lost FOX and gained the LA FOX channel via channel 398 or 399, I noticed that 41-1 was now included in the program guide. I did a lot of complaining to DirecTV and told informed them that the local station is broadcasting in HD, but that I can only pick it up OTA from my TV but not OTA on my AM21 and why they were blocking it or not including that channel in their guide. I don't...
How big is the zone?
After much pondering and comparison I just purchased the 3311ci from Electronics-Expo today. It will be replacing my Denon AVR-2902. I've had the 2902 for years and it is still going strong, but I wanted something a little more updated and something to clear away all that clutter behind my TV stand. It will be nice get rid of a lot of those wires and hook up most of my stuff via HDMI. I am excited to try out the Audyssey. When we had our house built last year I had the...
Can anyone explain the benefit of legacy inputs and will I be able to tell the difference?
I just saw that Denon has added Airplay. I think this means that whatever I watch on my iMac I can also watch on my TV via the receiver. My new receiver must have this feature. I am now leaning heavy towards the Denon. At some point I want to get my TV and Movies entirely over a network or via the internet and cancel my DirecTV. This will be an important feature. I think it has plenty of power for my Ascend Sierra-1's.
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