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I have the TC-P54G25. I researched for a long time and used this forum when finally coming to my decision. I also remember reading years ago in Consumer Reports that a Panny Plasma (PZU or something) that they tested a few years back had the best picture of any TV they had ever tested. My Father, Uncle, Brother, Salesman, everybody tried to talk me into buying a LCD. My Dad bought a top of the line Samsung LCD a couple of years ago and he thought I was making a mistake...
I tried that and it did not work. I checked the signal strength and messed around with my antenna and had it hovering around 70%, but when I go to the channel, it just keeps searching. I think I am going to call the local FOX station and ask them what's up.
Hooked up the AM21 and OTA antenna and can get all the major networks, but NO FOX. That was the whole point of spending the money. I wanted to watch the Seahawks in HD. I switched to DirecTV after having Charter for years and I really like it, but I cannot believe they do not offer locals in HD. Hopefully they will fix this problem soon.
I just got my AM21 in the mail and was hooking it up for the beginning of the NFL Season and in the instructions it says to "connect the off-air antenna". Is this something in addition to the AM21 that I need to buy?
OK, so I just got my AM21 and hooked it up to the DTV. In the instructions it says to connect the ATSC off-air antenna. I did not realized I needed this, I thought the unit was all I needed, but obviously I need something because when I try to go to one of the ota channels, it just keeps searching. So, what do I need? What is the cheapest and still works well? Do I have to hook something up on my roof because that is out of the question?
No. I did not realize that DirecTV did not have locals in HD until I hooked it up. I did not bother looking, I just assumed that they would have locals in HD. I searched for an answer and then I found this forum. That is how I heard about the AM21. I thought I had read that the easy fix to get locals in HD was to buy the AM21 and than I read that people are not getting FOX in HD, which would be my main reason for buying one because I want to watch the Seahawks in HD. I was...
I use Pandora on my Panny and after a few minutes, it is not static, it turns into like a screen saver and flips and moves around the screen.
Can anyone verify that that they are getting FOX in HD using the AM21.
We just got it so I am assuming it is the newest stuff they got. How did you integrate the OTA? I would like to give it a try. When I made the switch, I did not even consider looking to see if those channels were available in HD. I cannot believe that they do not have the 4 major network channels ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS in HD. Unbelievable. One of the things I looked forward to when I just got my first Plasma TV was watching sports. Now when football season comes around, if...
How do you get these local channels in HD, for example 29.1? I just switched from Charter to Direct TV because I thought it would have more HD channels, but did not realize until after the install that I do not have ABC, NBC, CBS and KYVE in HD like I did with Charter. I watch a lot of PBS especially. How do I access these local channels in HD?
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