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How do you access the service menu? I have looked for the answer to no avail.
I think you are talking about the last years Plasma TV's. Correct me if I am wrong, but the G-series Plasma's are said to have addressed this issue, and they have not been out a year for someone to complain about rising black levels, they have only been available for like 2 months. This years Panny's have the new infinite black technology, that many believe came from Panny obtaining the Plasma division of Pioneer (Kuros).As far as glare, I don't see much on my TV. If it is...
I recently bought a Panasonic TC-P54G20 Plasma TV and I love it. I think find the picture in HD to be spectacular, standard def, not so much, but I think that is normal. As far as black problems, I work at a Casino and we have had a Panasonic Plasma TV for at least two years there. It is ran on average from 10AM to 4-6AM (18-20 hours), every day, mostly standard def and the picture still looks great and the black levels look good to me. I am not sure of the model, but I do...
I am open to recommendations on a blu-ray player. I don't really care much about the blu-ray part, I want something that plays quality streaming of Netflix well, has good upscaling and plays burned discs well.
I have not used Viera Cast much, but when I went to open it this last time I am prompted to do an update, but when I try to do that I get an error message: "Connection with the server failed". I am plugged in directly to a wireless router and don't see any reason why it will not work. Any ideas?
I recently bought a 54G20 and tonight while watching Breaking Bad a white pixel or two showed up in the corner of the screen. Is this a dead pixel and is there a fix?
From what I have read, this is a problem of the past. I just bought a new Plasma and did not do break-in and immediately watched Breaking Bad with the AMC logo on the screen, no IR, no burn-in. Same when watching the Mariners with FSN logo. Most of the TV I have been watching has a logo, but I have not experienced any IR or burn-in.
We just moved into a newly built home that is just like what you are describing. I just bought a Panasonic Plasma TC-P54G20. The picture quality is excellent and the black levels very black. This TV does have a glossy screen, but it also has anti-glare. I have not looked closely to see it there is a lot of reflection, but I have also watched TV in all sorts of lighting situations from daylight, to no lighting, to kitchen lighting and have not noticed any glare. I love this...
Bought a new Panasonic TC-P54G20 Plasma. Stunning picture quality. Love it! Still waiting for Netflix which is scheduled to become available this Summer. Everyone gave me crap for wanting the Plasma but I stuck with it. I think the picture quality of this TV is much more realistic looking and better than the LCD and LED's that I have seen, incredible black levels.
Just brought home a G20 tonight from Sears. I got a lot of flack from everybody for choosing a Plasma. My Dad has been trying to talk me out of it, my brother, the guys at Best Buy, the guys and Sears, my mom's uncle. The guys at Sears looked at me kind of like I was really dumb and making a poor decision for not buying an LED, but I stuck with what I wanted. After all that I have read, I think the new Panny Plasma's are a great choice. Not doing break in, I think that...
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