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Where is a good place to buy this TV? I was hoping that Costco would get them, but I doubt it. All they have now is a TC-P65S14 and two X24 models. So, where is a good place to get it "quickly" and from a reputable place. Right now I am leaning towards Sears. They should get them pretty quick I think.
That depends on what you think is a "good" movie. I tend to stray away from cheesy Hollywood blockbuster films. To me, they are just for wow factor and special effects and I will choose a great story with no special effects over that every time. From what I have heard, Netflix has a large selection of films. For someone who watches a lot of Foreign, Independent, and older films, I think Netflix will be great. I am looking forward to it and not having to wait for it in the...
I have read several times that you cannot go by the picture in the store. They are not calibrated correctly and you do not know how old they are or what input is being used. I can tell you that when I went to Best Buy recently to see if they had any G-series Panny's, they had them way off to the side. They were showcasing the LED's. From what I have read, everywhere, Plasma still has better picture and has caught up on such things as energy usage. I think places like Best...
I could also get Quest DSL, but their speeds around here only go up to 7Mbps. I am at over 20Mbps with Charter. Often there are two computers sharing the internet via wifi. I don't thing that is enough bandwidth to do that and Netflix streaming.
Thanks for all the replies. I may try to get a hold of the electrician that did the wiring and ask him what I should do.
I think he actually ran the wiring through the attic. I don't think I would be able to walk around up there.
Not sure what you mean by running through the electrical lines? Could you elaborate. Are you streaming movies wirelessly on a TV?
I will be streaming a lot of movies via Netflix and I was under the impression that you want to plug directly into the router and not do wi-fi for such undertakings. Any expert opinions on that?
thanks for the quick reply by the way. I guess I need to figure out the best way to get another outlet by the TV for internet.
I wonder if it would be cheaper to have an electrician run the wires?
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